Voiceover Demos

Commercial Voiceovers

Voiceover Acting

Station Imaging, Songtags


E-Learning / Tutorial

Audio Book Narration – Nancy Drew

Audio Book Narration for Church

Phone Menu / On-Hold / Voicemail

Metro Express Carwash Voice Prompts

Production Demos

Voiceover And Production
Inspired By Bigfoot

The Jets – Concert Spot

Testimonial Spot – Wrote Announcer VO, voiced, edited, produced

Capital Educators – Garage Sale – Engineered, produced

Direct Orthopedic Care – Bobsledder/Things to Do/Summer Camp

Musc Theatre of Idaho – “Legally Blonde”

Traffic Reports
TV Spots:  New Balance   |   Rejuv Medspa
ISBA Awards for:  “Ideal Image – Code 7 Yeti”   |   “Ideal Image – June”