Q: How do I submit my project?
A: 1) Prepare your script, adding any directions on voice delivery and/or pronunciations.
2) Use the Contact Form to submit your information.
3) I’ll get back to you with a quote and any questions or clarifications.
4) If you accept, I record your project. Within 12-24 hours, I’ll e-mail your audio file in your requested format, or use a file-sharing service. A rush can be put on smaller projects for a fee.

Q: How much is it?
A: Rates are fair and reasonable. Each project is different, which will dictate the final cost. A bulk rate can be negotiated for multiple projects purchased at once.

Q: How do I figure out how long my finished project will be?
A: For commercials, about 90 words = :30 sec, and about 180 words = :60 sec (numbers and some punctuation, like “dash,” “slash,” or “dot,” must be spelled out and each word counted). Everyday conversation flows at 125-175 words per minute. Professional narration is 130-150 words per minute (so read your script out loud, not just in your head, when you are timing it out). A basic voicemail of 100 words = :45-:50 seconds. A 450-word corporate narration is about 3 minutes. A full-length novel of 100,000 words is roughly 11 hours.

Q: Can I get a custom demo of my script/story?
A: Absolutely! Send the script and project details and I’ll record a 30-60 second excerpt, which should be enough time to decide if I’m be a good fit for your project. Please Note: For Phone On-Hold/Voicemail services, please listen to the audio sample on the Demos page to make a decision.

Q: What if I want a change in your recording?
A: I want you to be satisfied, and if you prefer a different delivery, emphasis, etc., then up to 2 re-reads are offered at no additional charge. If you make script changes before I start the work, there’s no charge. However, re-records due to script changes require an additional fee. If I make a mistake, of course that’s free!

Q: Do I have to pay up front?
A: No. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. However, long-form narration (4 hours and up) requires a 50% deposit.

Q: How do you prefer to get paid?
A: PayPal is the preferred method since you can pay securely using a credit card, or via PayPal fund transfer from a bank account. Of course, we can discuss whatever you have in mind.

Q: If the project is cancelled, will I still have to pay for it?
A: Yes, if there has been work done on the project. While these things happen, it required time and labor. If the project hasn’t begun, there’s no charge. If the project is only partially done, you may not have to pay the entire amount.

Q: How do I get my project?
A: E-mail is easy when it’s a commercial or voicemail. For bigger projects, I use Dropbox.com, which is a private, online file-sharing service (or your preferred method). I can email you a direct link to download the project(s). Final recordings are usually rendered in .mp3 format, 44,100Hz, 320kbps (or lower, depending on bandwidth or broadcast needs). I can also render .wav (or other) files if needed.

Q: There are a lot of (big, technical, complicated) names or words. Is that okay?
A: Yes. However, it is always good to use simple terms/phrases for copy to be clear and and easily understandable (oh, and I also offer copy-writing services). đŸ™‚ Also, I will ask for clarification if needed.